Welcome to the World of Better Health and Fitness

Greetings! The purpose of this article is primarily to offer help to the hundreds of thousands of people who struggle with weight and fitness issues after the age of 40. As we all know, it certainly doesn’t get easier to stay in shape after 40. The body goes through some significant changes in this period of our lives and we find limitations where there were none previously; we find weaknesses we weren’t aware of previously; and…yes…we find pounds that we used to be able to shed easily but now stubbornly refuse to vanish. We all share this plight in varying degrees and we’re going to employ a very old concept here…”United we stand, divided we fall”. If we unite and share our experiences, good and bad, we will all benefit. If you’re like me, you’ve probably lost over 500 pounds over the years and I’ve been told more than once if you look behind you, you’ll find them. Not only is the extra weight unsightly, but more importantly, it is unhealthy! Hypertension, diabetes, coronary artery disease, elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels are only but a few of the maladies that await us as we continue to “grow” with each succeeding year.The Mission…Should You Accept ItFirst of all, let’s talk about different eating plans – we don’t want to call them “diets” because diets are so temporary. A healthy, well-balanced eating plan is vital to any weight loss / fitness goal. For this, you’ll need to stay away from “fad” diets and rely, instead, on the basic principles of good dietary nutrition. One type of eating plan is the USDA Food Pyramid and the sound nutritional advice and information contained in that pyramid. Portion control is very important with any eating plan. You can be eating the healthiest foods on the planet but if you’re eating too large a portion or too often or with the wrong foods, then these healthy foods will rapidly pile on the pounds. Weight Watchers and the South Beach Diet Plan are also other good, reliable eating plans with sound nutritional value in them.Lifestyle changes need to be made. These changes need to be developed and adhered to if you plan to reach the goal of getting fit and staying fit. These lifestyle changes should include different eating patterns and shopping habits as well as exercise changes. Things that you have tried in the past that have worked for you and things that have not–and why they haven’t worked — need to be identified and analysed for potential improvement. Most of the information available on exercise, for example, says that you only need about 30 minutes a day four to five days a week to achieve better health and fitness. This can be a simple brisk walk around the block while you walk your dog or it can be as elaborate as joining a gym and working with a fitness trainer. The most important thing to consider when deciding what exercise route to take is to make sure you’re doing something that is fun and that you will look forward to doing four or five days a week for 30 minutes. If you’re out of shape, then you’ll need to start slowly and work up to longer and more intense periods of exercise. Aerobic walking is a good activity for anyone, any age, and any level of fitness because you can start slowly and work up to a faster pace as you build your energy and endurance.So get up and get going! Start today with firm resolve to lose weight and get into better physical shape to improve your health. It’s a decision only you can make for yourself…and it’s one that you’ll be thankful that you made.

The Evolution Of Health And Fitness

The caring of ones health and fitness has already been a primary objective, even during the prehistoric times. Although during those times, it was more of an instinct for survival that governs their concept of taking care of their health and fitness instead of being aware that they had to do it. All that they knew before on health and fitness was to be able to look for food that will fill their stomachs and stop it from rumbling. That is prehistoric health care.As man evolved and developed to more intelligent beings, it wasn’t only the concept of survival that ruled over their minds but also their need to nurture and have those people around them survive along with the whole group or tribe. Fitness was now in the hands of a few people, who were responsible in keeping the health of the group by providing for their basic necessities. When one got sick, they tried what they could with their little knowledge to help. Those with more resourceful minds probably gave more substantial suggestions on what to do and if successful, the sick would live. If not, they will be left behind to die.When people began to be more civilized with their actions and speech, being healthy and fit now became part of their major concerns. They needed to take care of each other to keep the group or community intact. The rudimentary of medicines learned from other practices were put into motion. Their primary objective is to make sure that each person was healthy. To be able to accomplish this, they tried to learn more on what was being done by other groups. Some practices are also based on instinct and a bit of knowledge and experimentation on what they have seen done and the positive results that they have gotten from it.From these roots, people have made several discoveries as to what health and fitness was all about. Everything was on a trial and error basis and yet, they succeeded into realizing the various possible treatments for the myriad of sicknesses being encountered. A lot of people had to sacrifice themselves just for the sake of the advancement of medicine since during those times, with having no cure equivalent to dying. But because of these sacrifices and the willingness to succeed, several cures have come out to eradicate those illnesses totally and cause no more deaths.Health and fitness has come a long way since those primitive practices. Thousands, if not millions of diseases and ailments are being discovered, and yet, the cure to all of them still remains elusive. People in the health care industry now have more advanced means of finding a treatment to a certain disease. But one thing still remains the same. The pursuit of caring for the health and fitness of humankind still remains their primary objective. Everything possible is being done in finding a specific cure to several diseases, sometimes venturing to the impossible, hoping against hope that this time, they would be successful in conquering another milestone for the health care industry.

Travel Agency Worth – Continued #2 of 4 (Market Position & Agency Image)

There are four critical areas to consider when determining the worth of your travel agency:o operations/resource management,
o market position/agency image,
o financial management, and
o business history.Today my topic is Market Position & Agency Image.Q: How do you manage your business relationships?
A: A potential buyer will and should check on your sales efforts, service levels and client relations skills. If much of the business is retained because of you (i.e., a country club relationship), you have very little to sell. On the other hand, if your key accounts are under contract or letter of agreement, then you have a tangible asset.Q: What would your ex-employees say about you?
A: An astute buyer will certainly contact some of your ex-employees and learn more about your operation in half an hour than during two days in your office. If you had turnovers because of retirements, transfers, pregnancies or similar reasons, you’ll be okay. If your turnover stems from non-competitive salaries, poor working conditions, dissatisfied customers or similar reasons, then the operation you’re trying to sell is not as desirable.Q: What about your competitors?
A: Inevitably, if an individual or company wants to buy your agency and if an agreement cannot be reached with you, the alternative is to buy another agency. In all likelihood your potential buyer will have already spoken to the competition and checked on you from that side.
Bear in mind that in a sales situation, the competition also comes from those with a business similar to yours who might be willing to sell for less. However, if you’re in an area where you have little or no competition, one alternative for a potential buyer is take a fraction of the money required to purchase your established operation, set up shop across the street and compete with you from the ground up.Q: What would your vendors, i.e., airlines, hotels or car rental companies, say about you?
A: Most proprietors I have met fully recognize the value of a good relationship with their vendors, but in some cases I have seen egos so big that they can barely fit through a door. In that case it may be an uphill battle for a new owner to re-establish relationships that you neglected.The overriding concern in all of the above criteria is professionalism. If you:o have customers who really appreciate the service your company has been giving them,
o have low turnover because your employees truly enjoy their work environment,
o are respected by your competition, and
o can get services from your vendors that no other agency in your area has access to – then you have an asset worth paying for.Your answers to these questions will help determine your agency’s net worth – and its value in the marketplace.Travel business consultants such as Travel Business CPR will review and prepare your operation for sale on your behalf.